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World Trade Condo Apartment in Down Town Manhattan

This is an amazing one bedroom condo apartment in a full service luxury building, with tons of light all black hard wood floors, open kitchen, huge window, h…
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  1. Calvin Roy

    on   said 

    Hahaha! It is a beautiful bathroom and lay out isn’t it. Do yo live in New
    York? This floor plan is also for rent. Would you like to see it in person?
    Do you know anyone that would like to rent or buy this place send them to
    me. Thank you

  2. Calvin Roy

    on   said 

    If your were to rent this it would be around $5500 a month depending on the
    floor and view. If you buy it’s $1,395,000

  3. Tramanda27

    on   said 

    ok i just pressed dislike even before the vid was over but then he went to
    the bathroom and sold me that damn apartment just from the bathroom :)


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