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Upper Manhattan Apartments – A Checklist To Follow For Tenants

The Upper Manhattan apartments are becoming much popular in NYC mainly because of the lower rents and larger spaces. Until recently, the area had been untapped as far as good housing options were considered in Manhattan. Harlem, one of the most historic and vibrant neighbourhoods in the city is one of the key areas in this neighbourhood. Morningside Heights is another option and is home to Saint John the Divine Cathedral and Columbia University. Hamilton Heights and Washington Heights are the two other options. On the northernmost part of Manhattan are Marble Hill, Inwood, Fort George and Hudson Heights and they offer beautiful views of the river and many other cultural attractions.

An Easy Way to Find Apartments

If you are looking for Upper Manhattan apartments, even before you follow a checklist you will have to find a few available apartments on rent. Try the classifieds though they are not always updated and are not always detailed. A better thing to do would be to try researching online since you will find several more options there along with photographs of the apartments. You can check various such apartments and if you like the photographs, you can call up and fix an appointment for apartment viewing.

A Checklist to Follow

If you are going to view a few Upper Manhattan apartments, there is a checklist that you can follow in order to ensure that you dont miss out on any essential details:

* Always check the amenities that are offered with the apartments. There are a few buildings that will have exercise facilities, rooftop decks and even swimming pools.
* Check for security options. Most buildings should have at least a security guard. Some of the newer apartments may even have surveillance cameras.
* Discuss details like who would be responsible for the bills. If you have a car you will also have to ask if there would be a parking slot provided to you and if it would be included in your rent.
* Discuss with the landlord if there are any other costs that you will have to pay other than your rent each month. These are essential details that you should clarify in advance so that you can plan your budget well.

The Upper Manhattan is made up of various smaller neighbourhoods so you will also have to decide which neighbourhood to select. All of these neighbourhoods have their own pros and cons and offer different amenities and different facilities. You will have to research well and compare all of your options before you pick any of them. Follow this checklist to ensure that you find the one that would be the best from all the available Upper Manhattan apartments.

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