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Time Warner Center- Luxury Condos for Sale in Manhattan- Luxury Condo Manhattan
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  1. 1984inzeo

    on   said 

    This apartment is amazing. It looks twice as a amazing than the neighboring
    Trump building. Mr Trump, I think you need to step your game up. This
    apartment should be a good bar to reach with your next building. Thanks for
    the video and sharing.

  2. zippyman818

    on   said 

    Treehouse living at its finest. Floor-to-ceiling windows are not for
    everyone, but for those of use that love high-rise living, there is no
    greater view any time of day. (Okay the cabs in Columbus Circle almost made
    me dizzy.) Trump has semi-great spaces with storage problems. Do people
    really live with that much white? Cripes, even the gym space is hospital
    white. So boring. I need color, texture, tint and shadow in my world. At
    least paint the ceilings non-white.


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