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The Hamptons’s first co-working space opens in Southampton

The Hamptons’s first co-working space opens in Southampton

The Spur had their opening launch event this past weekend

This week, the first co-working space on the East End—the Spur—opened as a pop-up, in partnership with Southampton Social Club, with their first launch event this past weekend. Co-working spaces are popular in cities and good options for small businesses, start-ups, or people who work from home but prefer an office setting to get work done.

The Hamptons has lacked a co-working space up until now, and while the Spur’s temporary space is being hosted in Social Club, they’re currently working on renovating a Southampton village building which will eventually be their permanent location.

Founder Ashley John Heather wrote:

As an entrepreneur running several innovation-led businesses on the East End, I have met a number of like-minded peers who are all working on their businesses from home. Developing a next-generation work space is a critical platform for our continued success.

The Spur doesn’t limit their services to work spaces, though. They’ve also assembled an advisory council whose members are available as mentors to those in the Spur community looking to grow their businesses.

Memberships range between $ 100 per month and $ 500 per month.

A weekend STEM-inspired education program will also be available for kids and pre-teens.

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