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The Cartier “Tank” turns 100

It’s been 100 years since Cartier debuted its iconic Tank watch. In honor of that milestone, Cartier is unveiling a new line of pink and white gold tanks. Here’s a look at the six new additions to the celebrated brand’s oeuvre.

The most basic new Tanks come in large or small sizes in pink gold. It doesn’t get more classic than this. In this case, all that tradition will set you back $ 9,150 or $ 11,500.

The next leave of Tank for your arsenal is loaded with diamonds, and they’ll cost you double: $ 19,500 for pink gold and $ 20,800 for white gold.

But for slightly less, you can still get diamonds and a different movement. Cartier is also selling Tanks with the 8971 MC for $ 15,500 for pink gold and $ 16,000 for white gold. [Bloomberg]


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