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How To Shut Off Apartment Utilities

When your moving out of your apartment home there are certainly myriad details to keep track of. And making sure you shut off your utilities should be on the top of your list.  So be sure to read on to  find out  how to turn them off or transfer them to your new place that you will call home.



If you have a landline and want to transfer your service. Don’t forget about your electricity, cable, and Internet. If your lucky, you can simply transfer your services to your new location and your done. 


Shut It Down


Don’t make the mistake that many renters make.  If you forget to contact your providers that your moving, the next tenant will be using your services for free.  You will want to contact all the businesses at least 3 weeks in advance so you can leave ample time for disconnection. You will want to find out if you can transfer any services to your new address at this time. 


If your old provider cannot handle service at your new location cancel it and provide them a forwarding address for your last bill. Also deactivate any automatic billing that may be tied to your checking or credit card accounts. Be sure and return any cable boxes that you have.


When your arranging the disconnect date, set it up for the day after you move out.This will give you some leeway unless something gets delayed.


When Setting Up New Accounts


You can get the best deals when you first sign up with new providers.  Electricity providers, cable, and Internet all want your business. And even if your transferring services, call in and see if there are any better deals you can take advantage of them.


Contact them a few weeks beforehand. Sometimes they will need some time to see if your address is in their system. If it isn’t there may be a delay in service.


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