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Fish are friends, not food: Montauk edition

Fish are friends, not food: Montauk edition

The end of the world just got a whole lot scarier.

Everybody is trying to cling to the last moments of summer, but some adventurous Hamptonites are now choosing to cling in for dear life in a metal cage inches from man-eating sharks.

Just a three hour bus ride from Manhattan, lies Montauk’s Westlake Marina, where daring adrenaline-chasers can sign up to swim with sharks.

Normally, these brave souls have to trek out to faraway waters to experience this vacation treat, says Untapped Cities. But now you don’t even have to leave the state of New York, with Sea Turtle Charters.

For $ 300 a head, those who dare to dive are taken out into the water between 15 and 30 miles from land. Guests said they first saw porpoises curiously gathering around the boat, followed by a group of whales spurting water and marking territory before diving back to their homes.

After chumming to attract the sharks, and a few equipment checks, divers were taken underwater. They were geared up with weight belts and sent on their intriguing journey of making friends with the sharks.

It seems like a risky adventure, considering “47 Meters Down” just premiered this summer, but it’s definitely an experience we’re interested in checking out.

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