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CurbedWire: Bronx Hotel Worries Neighbors; World’s Fair Photographs

CurbedWire: Bronx Hotel Worries Neighbors; World's Fair Photographs

[Photo via Welcome2TheBronx]

THE BRONX—A new 60-room Days In Hotel at 2338 Bruckner Boulevard in the Castle Hill section of the Bronx is causing some controversy, as the neighbors, according to local blog Welcome2TheBronx, “[fear] it would turn into another hot sheet motel like the infamous Capri Motel which recently shuttered its doors and is now serving as a homeless shelter.” Wyndham Hotel Group, who are developing the hotel, claims that those fears are unfounded, however. [W2TB]

FLUSHING—Some of Harold Webber’s photographs of the 1939 World’s Fair, which his granddaughter Tiffany Webber wrote about on this site a couple weeks ago, are going to be featured in an upcoming exhibit at the Queens Museum titled That Kodak Moment: Picturing the New York Fairs. [Queens Museum; previously]

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